Step 1:  Watch the Video That Started It All!
Step 2:  Post Your Challenge Video!
It's easy!  Just print and read this script ...
My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I'm (YOUR AGE HERE) years old. I'm doing the Mark Joyner 50 at 50 challenge to spread the spirit of health and fitness at any age around the globe. I tag (FRIEND'S NAME HERE).  How many push-ups can you do while holding your breath, (FRIEND'S FIRST NAME)?

(Do your held-breath push ups on camera.)

(Optional:  add some sass at the end to inspire your friend :-)
And then:

- post your video to your social accounts
- Use this text: "I'm doing the Mark Joyner 50 at 50 Challenge! I tag (FRIEND'S NAME).  Go to for the simple instructions."
- be sure to tag your friend
- that's it!  (you're awesome)
Step 3:  Learn the Bio-Hacks Mark Used to Do 50 at 50!